Awesomesauce Chicken

He's 100% rubber chicken, and 100% organic, making him 100% hilarious.

 Follow along with this hilarious little story, and you'll find yourself laughing at every unexpected page turn. What is the true secret of his awesome sauce? And *what* exactly is his real name?

What People Are Saying:

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    Ms. Bookaholic

    "My nephews totally love this book! They both wanted to have pets but unfortunately, my sister wouldn’t allow it since they’re still too young to take responsibility (2 & 4 years old). Good thing, they have an aunt who loves books (me!) and I never miss an opportunity to get them animal books. I came upon this book while browsing Amazon and I can’t help but smile just by seeing the cover. I know my nephews will love it and they really did! They love the illustrations and the funny way Awesomesauce Chicken relates his story. Highly recommended!"

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    Quirky chicken with a big personality takes on the Big Questions. The results are unexpected and hilarious. My eighteen-month-old enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • MaryHawley

    I read a copy of this book at my sister's house. It finally settles the question of why the chicken crossed the road. The fun part, and one I had never thought of, is that the book is written from the view of the chicken. And this chicken is animated in more ways than one.


About The Author

K. A. Threlfall is a mother to four awesomesauce kids. In her small mountains of spare time, she interacts with rubber chickens and computers.

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