I Know I'll Fly!

What little boy doesn't dream of flying? This beautiful story paints a treasured image of childhood, imagination, parental love, and enough dreams to fuel a lifetime of wonder.

Follow the dreams of a little boy as he tells his parents that he will fly; all he needs is their love and support. This story is written to become a beautiful childhood classic, for both parents and children alike.

Parents will delight as the story captures the wonder of fleeting childhood, and children will connect with the subject's confidence, imagination, and big dreams.

"I Know I'll Fly" will be the perfect bedtime story to put your sweet babies and future flyers to sleep, to gift to the airplane lovers, and the share with the day dreamers.

~Keren Threlfall, Author and Illustrator

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About The Author

Keren Threlfall is a mom of 4, and wife to 1 awesomesauce husband. 

She has 3 sweet girls, and 1 adventurous boy, who is the inspiration for this story. He's believed he could fly for as long as he could communicate.

Keren and her son love to spend time together, dreaming of flying, and concocting new stories. Right now, her little boy is 3 years old, and his favorite "mom-made" stories have him at the center of "The Tales of Uncle Blueberry and Justus Boy." Who knows? Someday, we just might share! 

Keren homeschools her children, invests in real estate, and loves to spend time with her family. She's also an avid reader, loves to study theology and entrepreneurship, and is eager to get behind the dreams of her family. 

May you soar!

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